We have an Advice & Support Center open to help our community 

Our office has been very busy dealing with individuals across a range of issues assisting them into (self) employment and helping others to sustain their (self) employment.

We have also assisted people with issues relating to sickness and supported them back to work.

Our Advice & Support Center has been visited over 4,500 times by people seeking Advice, Help & Support.

110 people have entered self employment with our help & support

110 people entered into self employment doing a variety of jobs through our project and we still support them to sustain their self employment and deal with the related  forms & responsibilities.

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Taxi Theory & Practical Training developed by CSI Project

New training programme to help people pass Taxi Theory & Driving Tests developed by the Community Support Initiative.

Jobs guaranteed to successful trainees in Derry, Belfast, Strabane, Mid Ulster & Omagh. 

60 People

 Passed the Taxi Theory Test

with our help & support

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Developed Support Services to Help & Sustain Self Employed People

We have developed support services tailored to meet the needs of our community. These services have been shaped by the people we help.

We assist people with forms: - Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Pension Credit, Universal Credit, Housing Benefit, EMA, Access NI, Taxi Applications & Renewals, Carer's and many other forms. 

Need a benefits check done?

Our staff are currently training to deal with the roll out of Universal Credit.

IPAD COURSE for beginners

Online forms are becoming an issue for more people. IPad Course now available.

CSI work in conjunction with the Hive Studio's to deliver the IPad Course which last 4 weeks.

Interested? Contact 02871 362556.

We encourage all self employed people to become IT literate


We met with DVA about pending changes to taxi licensing applications. Operator, driver and vehicle applications will change to online processes.

We have run verification clinics in conjunction with the DVA to assist taxi drivers into the new system which will be implemented next year (2020).

Every taxi driver and operator will need a level 2 NIDA account. DVA are keen to work with the taxi industry to make it happen.



We contacted government agencies, groups and companies on over 3,500 occasions dealing with issues on behalf of stakeholders.

If you need assistance in dealing with bureaucracy then call us on 02871362556.


We have been asked to help people access the EU Directive Scheme. This is a scheme that allows people to apply to have operations (like a hip or knee replacement) in another EU country if they are being asked to wait too long for their operation here at home.

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If you are interested in accessing Advice, Help & Support contact us

If you would like to explore your options then contact us. We assist people into (self) employment. What would you like to do?

We also send out a regular email with job opportunities. Contact us and we'll put you on the email list.