Community Fund


The Community Support Initiative has developed a Community Fund to assist people with bursaries, loans and small grants. All of which are aimed at assisting people into (self) employment and creating Social Economy Enterprises.

People using the project have highlighted the difficulty of moving to the next stage due to finances. CSI have developed the Community Fund to assist people and help them make the transition from where they are to where they want to be.

Examples of Community Fund in action are a hairdresser needing to purchase equipment to start a small business, a would-be taxi driver needing assistance to purchase his taxi licence, a would-be builder needing his CSR training and card to get on a site.

Every case is looked at on an individual basis. We are here to help and assist people. If you think we can help you to get to get into (self) employment then call us and we’ll explore the opportunities together.

Give us a call! 02871362556.




What's your view?


We want to create pathways to employment. We want to help people with transition processes from unemployment to (self) employment.

We are interested in your opinions and views. What do you want to see in place to assist you into (self) employment?

What barriers to employment are you facing?

What would assist you over your barriers?

Can we help?

We are interested in your views and creative ideas. Contact us for more information 02871362556.




CSI now have a training package to assist people to become self employed taxi drivers.

Problems with entrance into the Taxi Industry have been highlighted to CSI. We have developed a package to assist people through the various processes.

If you are interested then please register with us for the coming course.