We are a community group that helps people get back to work.

Then we support you to sustain your employment

Advice & Support Centre

Our CSI  Advice & Support Centre is here to help people, the unemployed, self employed and small business owners.

We offer Welfare Rights advice and help for people transitioning into (Self) Employment.

Advocacy Service

Our Advocacy Service works on behalf of people dealing with red tape and officialdom.

We are a buffer  between people and officialdom.

Self Employment Support Services

CSI offers a range of support services for people moving into self employment and further services to help sustain your self employment.

Back to Work Plans

CSI listens to people and works with them to overcome barriers to employment.

CSI networks with other agencies to explore opportunity for people trying to get back to work.

Technical Support

CSI offers technical support to people starting of  and in self employment.

We have designated work space with access to office equipment and support staff to help with (online) forms and templates.

North West Taxi Proprietors

CSI is part of NWTP.

NWTP have lobbied for change to the administration of the taxi industry.

NWTP have evolved and become more of a wider community group.

Unlock Your Potential

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